Lake Mead Diving Conditions

Dive Lake Mead with FUNN Divers and the only USCG Dive Boat Charter approved by the National Park Service in the Lake Mead National Recreational area.

Lake Mead is one of those dive destinations that has every range of conditions imaginable for a lake in the middle of the desert. The Water temperatures range any where from the high 80's to the low 50's. Lake Mead is one of the to five fresh water dive destinations in the U.S. With over 2000 wrecks and numerous underwater mountains, cliffs, walls and caverns, Lake Mead affords Snorkeling and Diving opportunities from Beginner to Technical.

Make sure you bring a jacket to keep you warm during the ride to the dive site and after the dive. Even during the hottest months, you can still get a bit chilled after two dives or on a night dive. Also, even though the boat has a sun screen canopy, make sure to bring sun screen and some sort of hat to keep you protected.


Current Conditions For July:

Water Temp 
0-40 feet is 78 degrees  40 - 130 is 55 to 60 degrees

Thermo Protection
Most are wearing 3mm suits in shallow

Running about 15 feet due to late warming tend this year, 
should open up by end of July.

June - September

Water Temp. 75 - 85 Degrees
Air Temp. 80 - 110 Degrees
Thermo Protection- No Wetsuit to Full Wetsuit no hood or gloves needed
Visibility- 30 to 40 feet
October - February
Water Temp. 70 - 58 Degrees
Air Temp. 90 - 60 Degrees
Thermo Protection- Full Wetsuit with hood and gloves to Full Wetsuit
Visibility- 50 to 70 feet

March - May

Water Temp.  78 - 65 Degrees
Air Temp. 75 - 100 Degrees
Thermo Protection-  Full Wetsuit to Shorty or Lycra
visibility- 50 to 30 feet

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