Lake Mead Dive Sites

Welcome to one of the top five fresh water dive destinations in the United States! No, it's not the Caribbean, but our Lake Mead is a great dive destination for those of us who just want to blow bubbles or take a break from the Las Vegas Strip.

After you get to Lake Mead Marina, we will set up your equipment, get you situated and whisk you away to any number of areas that are only accessible by boat. Our Coast Guard inspected dive boat is rated for 17 passengers including a Captain and First Mate and we have an approved National Park Service concession. One of our personable Divemasters will brief you on the dive sites and then our turbo diesel vessel will get your there safely and quickly.

Once to the site, we will help you enter the water via giant stride entries and then after our Divemaster guides you to the many curious sites in the lake, you will be treated to refreshments, sandwiches, snacks and more before you prepare to enter the water again for a second time and then back to the Marina.

Our trained professionals will make sure your experience with Dive Las Vegas and our dive boat a relaxing experience you will treasure. Our goal is to make sure we can take care of your every need while with us and most of all that you will come back again.

Wild Life includes Big Horn sheep sightings, Coyotes and Donkeys on the top side and underwater you will see Large Mouth Bass, Blue Gill, Stripers, Catfish, Carp, Shad, Fresh Water Sponges, Fresh Water Jelly Fish and a whole array of other organisms that have have made the Lake Mead ecosystem home.

Rock Slide

The rock slide is located in the Black Canyon area which is about a 25 minute boat ride from the marina. The site is situated on the Nevada side of the channel and sports a breathtaking view of the Hoover Dam and several above ground remnants from the construction of the Dam including pulleys, cables, portions of the original diversion dam and more! Water depth for most of the dive ranges from 30 feet to as deep as 130 feet.

Bottom composition is rock and as you go toward the dam you will encounter pot shelf rock formations with plenty of fish and more Dam construction remnants. In one area there is a cable that is believed to be stretched across to the Arizona side but it drops off into the abyss beyond 130 feet.


Near the Rock Slide is a man made cavern that is believed to have been initially formed during the dam construction and is now an exceptional dive site. Depending on the lake level, the 40 foot entrance is in about 50 to 70 feet and the cavern itself extends back about 60 feet in an upward fashion to about a depth of 50 to 60 feet. The cavern is marked with a cable for easy navigation. There is no silt out conditions to be concerned with so this cavern is great for training sessions.

A dive light is recommended and divers should be a least an Advanced Diver or very experienced.


The Trojan is a wooden boat about 35 feet in length located in the Boulder Islands area. This vessels is in about 50 feet of water and went down after being swamped during a storm in the early 60's. It is rumored that the boat was carrying discontinued casino chips that were being dumped in the lake. To this day, folks occasionally still find one or two if they are lucky!

The bottom composition in the area is mainly rock with a few silty areas. The dive usually begins on the wreck and then the surrounding area is explored where there are several rock formations, a swim through, fish and more!

Batch Plant


The Batch Plant was originally an aggregate washing facility for the concrete that was used to build the Hoover Dam. What is left now is a 12 foot high block wall that is approximately 100 feet in diameter with the base of an arm assembly directly in the middle. On the out skirts of the area there is a dug out and another structure on the South side as well. The railroad tracks can still be found below the factory.

The depth of the area is approximately 70 to 90 feet with an anchor line decent. Bottom composition in the area is silty with a few rocky areas. Wild life includes fresh water sponges, catfish, blue gill and more!


The Tortuga is another wooden boat situated in the Boulder Islands area which is marked. This vessel is in a depth of about 70 feet and has been prepared for safe penetration by Scuba Divers. The vessel is 45 feet in length and is a twin cruiser that makes a great dive.

The bottom composition is mainly silty and the surrounding area has several rock formations o poke around and see.

Lovers Cove

Divers on the surface directly over the start of the reef  with the SCUBA Charter boat in the back ground.


A 25 minute boat ride will take you to Lovers Cove. As the name implies, this cove was named for its peaceful surroundings, but nothing compares to what you will see underwater! A reef is situated in the middle of the cove which curves out in a dog leg fashion. There are several ledges that you can fly off to a depth of 40 to 50 feet deep. All around are crevices where fish hang out and most of all, you will never have the same dive on this site.

Bottom composition is rocky and you will want to have a light to search out the fish hiding in the crevices.

Gypsum Beds

The Gypsum Beds are a quartz deposit in the upper basin of Lake Mead.

The Gypsum Beds are about an hour away from the marina and is a dive that you will rate up there with many of your best dives ever! The Gypsum deposits in the area have dissolved into white quartz, clear quartz like overhangs. The overhangs dip down to a depth of 100 feet and start at about 30. You can at any time wave the silt away and low and behold a quartz deposits underneath.

The overhangs allow for silhouettes that are breath taking and the many quartz formations will have you imagining they are more than just rocks. As you finish off the dive and do your safety stop you will be in the middle of schools of fish that will make you forget your doing a safety stop.

House Boat

The House Boat went down in the 70's during a storm and now sits in approximately 90 feet of water with a list to her starboard side sitting on a shelf. The boat is penetrable and is about 60 feet long. Several portions of the boat is still in tact so if you want to lounge on the deck or take a nap in the bedroom, she is ready to make your acquaintance.

The boats name is the Merrimaker and you will spend plenty of time exploring her engine compartments, entry ways and the hull still look good. Bottom composition in the surrounding area is rocky but most of your bottom time will be spent mainly on the boat. Bring a light as you will definitely need it!

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