Getting to Lake Mead Marina and the Dive Park or Dive Boat is simple from any where in Las Vegas, look at the map below and X marks the spot where Lake Mead Marina is. There is an entrance fee of $5.00 or $20.00 for an annual pass. Many times the toll booth isn't open when you pass in the morning.

Boat-When you get to the Marina, walk down to the covered walkway and then left on the last portion of dock in front of the restaurant where Lake Mead Marina sign is. The dive boat is in the first slip at the end of the walk way.

SCUBA Park- When you get to the Marina take a right and follow the signs to SCUBA Park/Canoe Beach

Directions on getting to Lake Mead Marina and the FUNN Divers dive boat.

When you are making your reservations, make sure to ask if you need any help with directions

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